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The jewelry brand"ucalypt"started in 2017 by the design team that handles graphic packages.
While designing graphics inspired by the natural world, he started jewelry design to express and shape the fascinated natural and plant beauty and its flexible and graceful appearance in the real world.
We develop high-quality made in japan manufacturing from the desire to bring out the charm and beauty of the wearer by incorporating the one and only beautiful curve into the design.

The brand is making the following efforts.


We will repair or re-plat the product after purchase as much as possible so that you can use it for a long time. Click here for details


Except for customers who have selected Nekoposu, we basically send it in a box.

We have changed the sponge to a cloth drawstring purse, aiming to thoroughly eliminate overwrapping and reduce plastics.

We will ship to customers who have specified Nekoposu in a purse instead of in a box. * Some products cannot be designated as Nekoposu depending on the product price and size.


In order to reduce excess inventory, all of our online sites are mainly reservation-based.

For sold-out items, we will resell only items with many restock requests.