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After Care

After Care

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At ucalypt, we accept repairs and replacements for a fee for products that have been delivered for more than a month so that you can use the accessories you have purchased for a long time.

[Repair details/price guide]
・ Chain replacement:Varies depending on the material ・ Replacement of Malkan parts:500 yen ・ Re-plating:1000 yen ・ Welding of Malkan:2000 yen ・ Other specification changes:
Varies depending on material and content

You will be charged the shipping fee separately.

The price will be confirmed after confirming the condition of the product by sending it with a photo.
If you wish, please contact us from CONTACT .

* We cannot handle parts that are out of stock.
* It may be difficult to handle products that are out of print.

After Care

UNDER 5,000yen / After Care